Monthly Archives: November 2016

Loving the world of research

 By Tricia Kelly

What does the word “research” mean to you?  To me it is word that opens up an amazing world where we strive towards making the impossible possible.


I think about the research that has been undertaken in health and the positive life-changing outcomes of that research for so many people from babies through to the elderly. I think about the ripple-effect these outcomes have for parents, siblings, children of those that have better lives because a researcher engaged in research to make a difference.

I think about the research that has changed the way we look at our interaction with the environment and our place in various urban, regional and rural ecosystems and the outcomes that improve our practices so that generations from now will be able to enjoy and care for their country, and in the broader sense, their world and universe.

I think about the incredible research that has led to huge improvements in almost every aspect of our lives from the food we eat, the roads we drive on, the bridges we cross, the cars we drive, the buildings we work in, the homes we live in, and even the insect repellents we use to keep the mozzies at bay!

All these amazing advancements that we sometimes take for granted have only come about because of research and dedicated researchers.

In previous posts, authors have shared the journeys they have been on with their research – and many of these are about making what seem like impossibles in our lives (such as juggling family, work and study commitments) into the possible (such as achieving Confirmation or getting through to the other side and completing their thesis).  Having completed a Master of Applied Science by research as well as my Doctorate, I know first-hand just how tough it can get sometimes, but found that the elation at reaching various milestones along the way helped immensely. Tap into the network of researchers and research support you have around you – the interaction with others at various stages of the research cycle can provide great tips and tricks to help keep on track and motivated.

So if I sound like I am passionate about research, I am! In fact, I’m so keen that I have made research my career.  I am one of the Research Librarians from the USQ Library Team.  Based at the Springfield Campus but working across all campuses, my role is to support researchers in Health, Engineering and Sciences while my colleague, Tegan Darnell (the awesome editor of this Blog!), supports researchers in BELA.  We work in combination with a fantastic team of Liaison Librarians to provide the tools, training and support for research students and academics on-campus and online. For more information about the services provided please check out our “Help for Researchers” page on the Library’s website.