Confirmation of Candidature Checklist

By Debbie Mulligan

Ready Set Go! by John Lester on Flickr, CC-BY 2.0 <>


• Ensure your Ethics application and any other paperwork is completed
• Choose the panel members carefully if you have a say in it – ask around
• Check blogs eg. Thesis Whisperer for support
• Ask colleagues how they went
• Attend a few other c of c sessions so that you know the procedure and you can pick up tips
• Practise, practise, practise keeping to the allotted time


• Ensure you have the location and the time embedded in your memory
• Meet with supervisors
• Check out the room prior to the day. Note lectern (or lack thereof), where you can position your laptop (on a table? is it near a power outlet?), where you will stand to deliver your speech?
• Talk to the Faculty Research support and tell them if you want/need to make any adjustments to the room
• Think about room layout- do you want your chairs in a circle for a more informal gathering? -where do you want the lectern positioned?
• Ask some friends/ colleagues along for moral support
• See if there’s a techie onsite for those last minute computer problems
• How do you want to present yourself? Think about clothing, hair, shoes etc
• Organise a post coffee date with friends if you are that way inclined (debrief)


• Get to the room EARLY
• Picture yourself giving the talk- are you happy with the set up?
• Put your mobile phone on silent
• Bring:

-back up USBs
-your notes
-power cords for your laptop
-print outs of diagrams that are too detailed to be a slide or can’t be seen properly on the slide
-watch/ phone/ stopwatch for time
-a hard copy of your speech, your slides and your proposal


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