Data Management

By Robyn Edmanson

As an information professional and fledgling researcher, I care about data management.


Because funding agencies, journals, and other stakeholders increasingly require you and I, the data producers, to share, archive, and plan for the management of our data. We need data management and curation knowledge and skills that support the long-term preservation, access, and reuse of data.

Effectively managing data also helps to optimise research output; increase research impact; and support open scientific inquiry.

I’m doing the Australian National Data Service’s 23 (research data) Things training to help me manage our research data throughout the entire data lifecycle from project planning to the end of the project when data ideally are shared and made available. Not simply stored on the mercurial USB, but in a trustworthy repository such as QRISCloud which is QCIF’s (Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundations) trusted online repository.

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  1. jane

    I’m investigating data management in the nursing industry. Trying to develop my experience in this area. Any suggestions on where to find the best nursing course for this? I tried this website but no luck

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